Mikkel Design, Inc. was founded by Jeremy Mikkelsen.  Yeah, that is me.  I started developing websites back before most folks had ever head of the Internet.  Before Google.  Before Chrome.  Before Firefox.  Before Internet Explorer.  Before Opera.  Before Netscape.  Yes, my first browser was Mosaic. 1998.  One of my first projects was developing a website for a forward looking chamber of commerce— it was one of the first in the nation.  Back in the early days of e-commerce I wrote my own shopping cart software.   (These days I recommend Shopify for small business.) 

I have years of experience of the ebb and flow of websites, designs, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO).  We can provides insights based on current conditions as well as a long-term prospective.

I now work with my own team of programmers and designers depending on the size of your project.  However I can also work as your advisor with your in-house development team or even another web design firm of your choice.

I can also help you understand and integrate a wide range of technologies in your business.  Websites.  Mobile apps.  VoIP telephony.  Internet advertising. Cloud services: servers, phone systems (PBX), backup and disaster recovery.   I can work with you to find ways to use automation and information technologies to streamline your business.

I am a technologist, that is the polite way of saying I am a geek.  I have a formal education (and degree, and license) in civil engineering.  I have worked as a programer.  I have worked in IT.  No matter where I have worked or volunteered I have been a part of improving technological processes.  I would like to do the same with you.

I also do non-profit work, check out: offgridtech.org

Want me to work on your project?— if so, let’s talk.