For simple web hosting we recommend Dreamhost.  They are a little wacky at times, but provide quality service at almost unbeatable prices.

For running most e-commerce stores we recommend Shopify.  They have a robust software platform that can be integrated with an iPad point of sale system.  They handle all the security properly.  It is not the low-cost leader— it is the top quality platform at a straight cost.

For website blog platform or content management system (CMS) we recommend the open source software  This is a software you can run on a web-server that allows you to create and modify a website from your browser.  As say gmail is to email, wordpress is to websites, but even better it is open source.

We are a Linux / Mac OS shop.  We work with Windows too, but only on other people’s computers. 

In most cases a Mac mini or a Macbook pro is my recommendation for a computer. 

Several nice big Dell Ultrasharp monitors is my recommendation for a screen.

Keeping track of your passwords with 1Password— a good plan.  Lastpass is a close second.

Using a VPN from PIA to protect yourself while overseas or in untrusted hotspots — also a good choice.  If you are concerned with being tracked online then it would also be a good product.

Advertising with Google— gets good results.

Storing data locally?  Western Digital.  Remotely?  Dropbox or Google Drive.

Online Email system if you like Outlook— Office 365.  Email if you are sane or want to learn to be twice as productive: gmail for business.  Email for the thrifty, host an website and email at Dreamhost and have it forward to a personal gmail.  I can setup a forwarding email at a custom domain name ( to go to your existing email for $15 / year.  $5 per address setup fee.

Want another recommendation?— if so, just ask.