These are some recent projects I have been a part of.  Note, what they have on their site now may or may not follow my recommendations– it is their site after all.

Mobile-friendly. WordPress. Ranks well on Google.  One of our most recent projects that shows a typical non-e commerce site.

Being a software development firm they had their own in-house development staff, but they wanted to get some outside assistance and perspective on their work.  I reviewed their work and provided a written list of comments and suggestions.  I also met with their team and discussed and answered their questions.  This review process was very economical yet provided significant usability improvements.  Their developers also gained some new understandings that will improve their software and websites in the future.

A long time client, we have developed nearly a dozen websites over the years.  This recent project was developed using existing designs.  They use the excellent Shopify e-commerce platform.  If you want to start a project like that let’s talk— we have a relationship with Shopify and can often negotiate a better price for your project.

This new non-profit wanted a simple bi-lingual website at the lowest cost and on a fast schedule.  They are still working on developing the content for the site, but we put it together in less than 24 hours to support their non-profit application.

Ready to complete your project?— if so, let’s talk.