Depending on your needs we have a few different methodologies and contracts.

Just the basics.  If you just want a simple website or blog and you want to do it yourself we can get you started.  The web server rental (also known as hosting) and your own domain name ( runs $15 a year.  I can get you setup with your own powered website for $25.  Often we can make it happen on the same day, ready to get started?

Hourly consulting.  If you want to plan, review, design, modify, critique, or evaluate an existing website or a new idea we can work with you on your schedule with a flat hourly rate.  $100 / hour plus costs.

Project Development.  You have a project that you want developed.  You have options: we can give you a solid fix-cost bid on your project with a solid written scope-of-work or we can give you an estimate and then bill actual hours worked.

You can review our standard contracts.

You can also see what a review will look like.

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